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Innovation systems and capabilities in developing regions : concepts, issues and cases

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dc.description "The aim of this book is to integrate theoretical and empirical contributions as well as case studies on the subjects of innovation systems (IS), technological learning and technological capabilities (TC) in developing countries. In today’s knowledge-driven world, innovation has risen in relevance to become a key policy issue. Unfortunately, the extent of knowledge (both theoretical and empirical) that is available on this concept in the less developed countries is still low. Much of what we know about innovation theory has come from the developed countries and seen in the world view of advanced economies (Oyelaran-Oyeyinka et al., 1996). This critical knowledge deficiency is not without implications for the less developed countries..." es_CO
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dc.subject Sistemas regionales de innovación es_CO
dc.subject Innovaciones tecnológicas es_CO
dc.subject Países en desarrollo es_CO
dc.subject Investigación y desarrollo es_CO
dc.subject.other Technological innovations es_CO
dc.subject.other Developing countries es_CO
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dc.title Innovation systems and capabilities in developing regions : concepts, issues and cases es_CO
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dc.publisher.editor Gower es_CO
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