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Innovation Systems and Economic Development

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dc.contributor.advisor Aalborg University
dc.contributor.advisor University of Nice Lundvall, Bengt-Åke Gregersen, Birgitte Johnson, Björn Lorenz, Edward 2016-05-17T03:36:57Z 2016-05-17T03:36:57Z 2011-06
dc.description "The innovation system concept was developed in the 1980’s (Freeman 1982/2004, Lundvall 1985; Freeman 1987; Freeman and Lundvall 1988; Freeman 1988; Freeman 1988: Nelson 1988). In this paper we start by some notes on how the concept emerged. In the rest of the paper we present what regard as progress in understanding it and we do so while relating it to economic development, and, finally, on how it might be further developed in the future." es_CO
dc.description.sponsorship Aalborg University es_CO
dc.description.sponsorship University of Nice es_CO
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dc.subject Sistemas nacionales de innovación es_CO
dc.subject Política científica y tecnológica es_CO
dc.subject Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación es_CO
dc.subject Desarrollo científico y tecnológico es_CO
dc.subject Desarrollo económico es_CO
dc.subject.other National innovation systems es_CO
dc.subject.other Science and Satate es_CO
dc.subject.other Science & Technology es_CO
dc.subject.other Technological innovations es_CO
dc.subject.other Economic development es_CO
dc.title Innovation Systems and Economic Development es_CO
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/article es_CO
dc.source.bibliographicCitation Andersen, E.S., Dalum, B., and Villumsen, G., (1981) ‘The Importance of the Home Market for Technological Development and the Export Specialization of Manufacturing Industry’, in Freeman, C. et al. (Eds), Technical Innovation and National Economic Performance, Aalborg, Aalborg University Press, pp. 49–102. es_CO
dc.source.bibliographicCitation Andersen, E. S. and Lundvall, B.-Å. (1988), ‘Small National Innovation Systems Facing Technological Revolutions: An Analytical Framework’, in Freeman, C. and B.-Å. Lundvall (eds.), Small Countries Facing the Technological Revolution, London, Pinter Publishers, 9- 36. es_CO
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dc.source.bibliographicCitation Lundvall, B.-Å. (1988), ‘Innovation as an interactive process: From user-producer interaction to the National Innovation Systems’, in Dosi, G., Freeman, C., Nelson, R.R., Silverberg, G. and Soete, L.,(eds.), Technology and economic theory, London, Pinter Publishers. es_CO
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